Send Huge Files Securely With These Two Services

As you may have already discovered, it’s kind of difficult to share data with people through email when your files are more than 10 MB in size. You can get around that if the file is only a small bit bigger (20-30 MB) by sending multiple emails to the contact with a split file, but that’s very complicated and not lucrative. What if you have to send a 1 GB file?

File storage services like DropBox are not secure enough to store sensitive data and do not cater to businesses that have to comply with regulations. The overall ecosystem of applications that allow you to transfer such large amounts of data aren’t very reliable and/or aren’t equipped for enterprise customers.

Hosting the files in an encrypted environment not only takes a lot of work, but also requires a lot of know-how. But before you give up, have a look at these premium secure services for large file transfers:

  • YouSendIt Workstream – YouSendIt has a paid service for people who want to send large files (up to 2 GB) via email. Their free “Lite” version of the service allows for file transfers of up to 50 MB per file. However, YouSendIt also has a service catering to businesses known as Workstream. With the Professional version of their Collaboration Suite, you get unlimited online storage, secure file transfer, download tracking, mobile access, Active Directory integration, Single Sign-On integration, and a number of other useful features for $14.99 a month.
  • ShareFile Citrix has recently added a service called ShareFile, which allows you to transfer files securely across vast networks. Their “Professional” plan gives you secure file storage (with unauthorized access notifications), a dedicated representative to handle your cases, custom branding (along with the ability to have your account branded for you by the ShareFile team), and integration with Podio collaboration software for $59.95 a month. You also get to include 10 employee accounts.

Always remember to watch where you put your files. Any sensitive data can be leaked if proper measures aren’t taken. The services mentioned above give you a very heightened security profile with some perks that allow you to transfer files with style!

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