App Of The Week: Ringya

Your phone is a powerful tool, but perhaps not powerful enough when it comes to manually inputting contacts from a printed list. The whole process can get boring and it’s really easy to put it all off. One day, you find yourself without that contact list and one of the contacts decides to ring you up while you’re on your way somewhere. It’s tough not knowing whether to answer or ignore the call.

This week, we’re presenting an app that helps you mitigate all of this through one simple interface. Ringya not only makes managing your contacts simpler, but it also utilizes your phone’s camera, allowing you to take a photo of a contact list and organize it on your device.

Ringya gives you the possibility of assigning roles to your contacts. In the product video below, a person demonstrates how the app distinguishes between work and school, showing contact lists for other moms within the school. In this example, the person in question quickly tries to find one of the other moms she knows to pick up her kid from school. You can create a multitude of different hierarchies and categories for your contacts to quickly remember what meaning that contact has for you. A simple name on a phone’s list can’t really help when you have more than 300 contacts on your phone. Check out the video:


Here’s an example: I have two people called Ion on my list (with different last names, of course). One of them’s a pizza guy and the other’s a doctor. Unfortunately, I can’t always remember which one’s which. Keeping a straightforward “A to Z” list just isn’t lucrative when I can’t remember whether to call Ion the pizza guy or Ion the ophthalmologist. It would certainly be embarrassing if I called an eye doctor asking him for extra pepperoni, wouldn’t it? Ringya helps solve this kind of dilemma quickly and easily!

If you want the app you can get it now on iOS or Android.

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