Bill Rancic – The Apprentice: Three Lessons of Business Success (Be A Conductor)

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending an AT&T event, where Bill Rancic, winner of the Apprentice‘s first season, gave a presentation on his journey of challenges and ultimately success in business – including working for Donald Trump.

Here are the highlights of his presentation to us:

  1. Understand and embrace practical execution
    Actions are more important than words. Be agile and adaptable and be able to take risk. When you can take risks, be able to turn risk into success. We are only born with two fears – fear of falling and fear of loud noised. All other fears you should over come.
  2. To be successful learn how to be a conductor.
    Bill can control his restaurant(s?) from his iPad. His business is the train, he’s the conductor, his iPad is the control (my words – not his). Those who are able to conduct have LIMITLESS potential. Realize your potential.
  3. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.
  4. Doing business at the “Trump level” is different but the principles are not much different than at the small business level. To succeed at any level surround yourself with experts.

Bill’s a smart guy and full of business insight. Thanks At&T for enabling a group of us to hear him speak.

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