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Hurricane Sandy Wrecks North East and Creates Business Relations and Technology Workarounds

I’m sitting in Above and Beyond Virtual Staff Offices with 8 other professionals.

One of them works for a large entrepreneur organization, the other works for a wireless street meter service and others have a variety of businesses and 6 degrees close to me personally and/or professionally. For example, my daughter’s soft ball coach and a financial consultant is housed here.

Although Hurricane Sandy has brought destruction, annoyance, inconvenience for many of us n the North East, it’s also brought us closer together.

I’ve talked more to my neighbors yesterday, than I have in the 8 years I’ve lived in New Jersey – I even lent them some tools.

My family sat in the darkened living room and my wife read us stories on her Kindle Fire.

It’s not easy and a bit rough, but we’re alive and for ME no harm to us or our property, unlike so many others.

Technology has also played a leading role. We sucked the juice out of a Black Berry provided PowerBag (from the Small Business Influencer Awards) to recharge some phones.

See my earlier article on 7 reasons why Hurricane Sandy won’t harm your business operations.

Those with multiple technology solutions will have an easier time than others. My tech world: iPad, 3 notebooks (2 Dell’s, 1 Acer), 2 phones (BlackBerry and Droid), broadband hotspot and a chargeable bag.


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