Tablets Are Roaring Into The Work Scene And You Need Mobile Device Management (MDM) To Keep You Secure

Tablets are everywhere. They’re in the mall, in hospitals, in entertainment venues and in the homes of millions of people. It would be foolish to ignore the fact that some of your employees might be using a tablet to do their work, right? Yet, a lot of businesses just let that slide without batting an eyelash. It’s time to wake up, stop smelling the coffee, and actually drink it.

Today, CDW Corporation, a massive provider of hardware and IT solutions for businesses large and small, has some things to say about this trend that might turn into a little food for thought for you.  Information from their small business mobility report show:

  • 75 percent of mobile users believe it’s critical to their jobs to use a mobile device. Mobility bolsters productivity!
  • 85 percent of IT managers believe that the introduction of a mobile ecosystem has made the companies they manage more productive.

To get a better picture of what CDW’s talking about, let’s take a look at this infographic:

Still don’t get the hint? Here is another: The CDW report concludes that 67 percent of IT managers aren’t even familiar with the concept of Mobile Device Management. Are you?

If you missed our discussions on MDM, you can always go back and look at what we’ve published. Once you start looking for services, you’ll start to realize that there may be too many choices. So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? We also covered this.¬†Tablets are probably the most commonplace productivity aides in the workplace. It’s best you start implementing a way to make sure that you and your employees have a secure environment to use tablets within. Otherwise, the terrorists win! Seriously.

Across the board, laptops are still one of the primary work aides in any industry. However, more and more people are ditching their laptops and picking up tablets. The percentage of tablet users is now hovering around 24 percent throughout all industries. What are you waiting for?

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