You Don’t Need To Be A Professional Videographer To Make Great Videos – You Just Need Good Resources!

The only word that comes to mind when one talks about the internet and video uploads is ‘deluge’. Just try and fathom this piece of statistic: it is estimated that as of now, in any given minute over 72 hours worth of video files are uploaded to YouTube alone. Imagine trying to make yourself heard and seen in the midst of this avalanche of videos uploaded by people from around the globe, all sharing the same, the general aspiration as you.

A cursory look at any Top Ten YouTube Hits list on the net shows some interesting trends. Leave out the official music videos of established stars, movie trailers and promotional videos and what you have are the videos put by people from all walks of life, from all over the world. Videos made by these garner attention usually when they are from specific genres. Regardless of whether you are filming a planned short film or a family occasion, or capturing funny moments or freak accidents, it always helps if you get a good quality video.

Capturing a good video doesn’t necessarily mean that you need an expensive video camera or a DSLR, though having one with you makes things easier, of course. But a vast majority of the videos that we get to see online are made with the ubiquitous cell phone camera. Most smart phones in the market, like the iPhone, nowadays sport capable cameras that in the right hands can capture captivating and compelling videos.

When it comes to expertise in the field of smart phones and the latest gizmos that the industry churns out, Jefferson Graham is on the forefront. In his capacity as host, producer and editor of the USA Today Talking Tech and Talking Your Tech video shows, and long term tech reporter for USA Today, Graham has earned a reputation as a tech guru. An accomplished videographer and photographer, he has authored nine books.

His latest offering, “Video Nation”, is a veritable delight for the DIY videography enthusiast and a comprehensive guidebook aimed at the beginner looking to create videos for the web. With in-depth information on such topics as how to keep the frame steady, manage the lighting, must-have tools and even tips to help the video go viral, the book has got its bases covered when it comes to wielding smart phone cameras like their professional counterparts.

Especially on that last aspect, namely, the steps necessary to help a video on its way to going viral, many people are just not aware of this. Even if you have an exceptionally well made video with compelling content, you have to get it out there, spread the word so to speak. As Miguel Leiva-Gomez talks in his article, “You Have A Channel, But Do You Have The Right Tools To Make A Video”, “everyone and his mother is on Youtube and Vimeo.” He talks about the importance of creating an audience, a fanbase in promoting one’s video online.

If you need any convincing to join pretty much everyone else on the planet in jumping onto the online video bandwagon, maybe you should give these gentlemen a read.

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Preetam Kaushik

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