12 Small Business Resources You Should Learn From – Nourish Your Business Knowledge

There are many small business focused publishers. These include independent web sites such as:

Small Business Trends, NY Enterprise  Report, Business Know How, The Small Business Advocate, Startup Nation and many others (well of course SmallBizTechnology.com). And then there are those owned by larger companies such as Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, Success Magazine and many more.

In addition, many companies selling to small business have also developed their own small business resources.

These include American Express OPEN Forum , Wells Fargo Small Business Insights, Deluxe PartnerUp, Dell Entrepreneur In Residence, Concur’s Blog , Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corporation and many, many others.

Finally, vendors such as Infusionsoft (my employer), Hubspot, Constant Contact and Vertical Response have extensive libraries of information related to marketing as well.

PayChex has a portal as well and recently announced their upgrade their portal BuildMyBiz.com, an online resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The upgraded BuildMyBiz.com site includes a number of new features that will provide enhanced resources to entrepreneurs and give them the ability to tap into a greater pool of valuable information including:

  • Biz Services – a dedicated marketplace for entrepreneurs to connect them with services that will help them grow, such as discounts on printing solutions, credit reports, and online business software.
  • Social Sign-In – BuildMyBiz members, also known as “builders,” can log into the site by signing in through their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google account. This will allow builders to participate in the BuildMyBiz community and BuildMyBiz Blog, read comments, ask for advice, and share experiences with other builders.
  • Small Biz News – this section provides users with a feed of the latest small business news on topics ranging from sales and marketing and technology to articles dedicated to women entrepreneurs.

BuildMyBiz.com was first launched in December 2011 to provide a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs looking to start, grow, and manage a business. Members of BuildmyBiz.com have access to articles, videos, white papers, and other interactive tools that help with issues such as creating a business plan, finding funding, developing products, and hiring their first employee. After nearly one year of success, Paychex has upgraded the site with even more resources.

Paychex is launching the upgraded site to coincide with Small Business Saturday (November 24, 2012) to highlight the importance of supporting small businesses.

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