Don’t Fall Victim to Presentation Resentment!

Having the opportunity to do a presentation in front of an audience of just about any size is an absolute privilege.

What a wonderful thing it is.  You have a captive audience and it’s up to you … the presenter….to engage, energize and enthrall. (Okay, enthrall might be reaching a bit but you get my point.)

Whether your presentation is short or long, the situation provides you with the chance to present yourself as a thought leader and as someone with information and wisdom about a specific topic. It is, quite frankly, your opportunity to shine.

What a shame it is when a presenter uses this time to talk about their products or services in such a manner that attendees feel as if they are being given a sales pitch. What a waste of an opportunity.

If you are persuasive about your product or service and explain it in such a way that the benefits and advantages come through well then, you simply  don’t have to “sell”.  Participants will be drawn in by the value of your information and begin to understand the appeal. At the same time they won’t be resentful and feel as if they have been duped.

It’s easy:

  • Prepare a presentation that is chocked full of information and benefits and present them in a factual manner.
  • Unless specifically asked, don’t provide prices, terms, etc.
  • Have a few well crafted questions and use them to engage the audience.
  • Have well developed hand-outs to validate your presentation.
  • Gather names and contact information so that you can follow up with the attendees.

Be attentive to how you “come across” and if you are wondering if your presentation is too “salesy” practice it with a friend or colleague and get their honest opinion.

A little preparation can go a long way in making certain that you leave the attendees with the very best and most positive impression.  Any questions?  As a sales consultant I regularly review presentations and I’m happy to help you with yours.

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Adrian Miller is President of Adrian Miller Sales Training, a 25-year old business growth advisory helping clients to develop more new business, generate increased business from existing clients and monetize all of their sales and marketing endeavors. Adrian is also the Founder of Adrian's Network, a highly successful and unique business networking community that has hundreds of raving fans and is adding more each day. A's Net helps its members to grow their businesses through highly strategic and effective networking.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Fall Victim to Presentation Resentment!

  1. Stephen Furnari

    I agree with Adrian’s statement that any presentation has to be chocked full of valuable info–for the audience–but I disagree with her position that you shouldn’t sell your services at a presentation. You’ll leave business on the table if you don’t promote. Audiences are savvy enough to know that you are not giving up your time for nothing in return. I have found that it’s best to lay the foundation for the sales pitch up front. Be frank: “I’m going to spend 58 minutes giving you the most valuable information you’ve ever received in your lifetime, and at the end, do you think it would be OK if I can tell you a little bit about how I help clients and whether my services may be a good fit for you? Yes?” Then give the audience a great presentation. At the end, remind the audience that they’ve agreed to hear your sales pitch, then give it to them. I like to use some humor: “OK, so this is the time where I’m going to shamelessly self promote my services. Now you’ve agreed to listen, are you ready?” You’ll find that if you’ve asked their permission in advance, delivered on the value, and reminded them about their promise, you will get no resistance to the sales pitch and you’ll close more sales, which is why you were there in the first place.


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