Ramon’s Tech Video Review: Neat Scanner A Perfect Tool For Every Office (Video Review)

I was in the market for a scanner to scan (or digitize) my growing mountain of paper documents – mainly survey from events.

I have a multi-function printer with scanning, faxing and printing, but I was having some problems with the scanning and wanted a new scanner that was fast and easier to use.

My research led me to Neat Company Neat Scanner. It’s fast, easy to use and has some nice software. It’s about $400 from Amazon.com or your local retailer.

There’s more to scanning that “just scanning” but you can use your scanning system as a document management system to take your paper documents, place them in your computer system and enable you to find your documents faster and of course reduce the mess on your desk, file cabinets and etc.

There’s many scanners on the market – HP, Epson, Dell, Lexmark, Brother – all of these vendors and more have scanners that work well. Do some research and find the one that works best for you!

Here’s my short demo and review:

3 thoughts on “Ramon’s Tech Video Review: Neat Scanner A Perfect Tool For Every Office (Video Review)

  1. Heather Stone

    What a nifty little device! I guess my only question would be, how does it measure up to other models? The idea of digitizing dead tree content appeals to a lot of us, I think, and this looks a lot simpler than using a traditional flatbed scanner, but are there other models like this just as good out there on the market?

  2. lyceum1776

    I have the same question as Heather. How does the Neat scanner “scan through” the competition? I have a HP Officejet multifunction machine, included a scanner feature. [Full disclosure: I won it during an event that Ramon Ray participated in. http://egoist.blogspot.se/2010/10/hp-eprint.html ]

    Talking about scanner, I am interested to create a routine for scanning in business cards and store the contact information in a smart way. Do you have tips on that?


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