3 Ways A Sofa Company Innovates To Success: Customers, Customers, Customers

You would not think that a sofa company in North Carolina would be the poster child for an “innovation award” but it did.

Phonebooth announcedthat the keys to Simplicity Sofa’s winning were three simple principles.

Their challenge was how to get an otherwise unknown brand on the map (particularly by selling only through its own e-commerce website).

Total Satisfaction Warranty

That warranty, combined with a real need for high quality furniture that fit into places where other furniture could not go, brought in customers during the first year.

Library of customer testimonials

Within 24 hours after a delivery of our furniture has been completed, Simplicity contacted that customer to ask three questions: How do you like the furniture? What did you think of the customer service? Are there any problems that need to be addressed immediately?

For the third step of the survival strategy, the company turned again to its growing number of loyal customers.

When a prospective customer called to see where they could test out the furniture, Simplicity calls one of its past customers in the area and ask them to show the furniture in their home.

Technology is important, but if you are not treating your customers right and leveraging them to get more customers you are doing yourself a disservice.

My friend Baochi Nguyen of Ringcentral speaks about this in her “super fans” talk about how to get and court super fans.

Here’s a few things you can do to better leverage your customers:

  • Ask you customers to post their success stores on Facebook and use these in your marketing.
  • Get lots of photos and video from your customers so other customers can see them.
  • Listen carefully to customer complaints and respond to each one.
  • Visit customers and shoot low cost video of them using your products or services.
  • Invite customers to help other customers.

These are just a few simple ideas – I’m sure you can think of so many mor.



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