Data Is Meaningless. New Service (Informly) Helps You Make Cents Of It All.

Like you, I use a variety of online services to power my business. From time to time I also check out the stats of these services – how many pages views has, what my Klout score is and etc.

Informly recently launched and connects your various online services to give you the stats you need to run and manage your business in one place. Imagine being able to see from one screen, the open rates of a recent Mailchimp campaign or how much money is in your bank accounts, through Xero.

Informly helps you do this.

I call this “poor man’s” business intelligence. Although, Informly does not have the INTELLIGENCE of big BI systems, whats nice is that from one dashboard you can see the myriad of data points your online services generate. is created by Dan Norris an Australian entrepreneur.


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