HTML 5: The Geeky Internet Language That Every Business Professional Should Know About

HTML 5 is amazing. It continues to evolve and be used in a variety of online applications and enables those applications to have much more functionality than Flash or older versions of HTML.

HTML means you don’t need plug-ins, online applications (such as Gmail) are more feature rich and more.

For business professionals who rely on online services such as video, online presentations and other online tools and services as much as you can use ones that are based on HTML 5.

For example, Brainshark let’s you host videos for training purposes – host, train and track the videos you upload. Recently they announced that their mobile player has been upgraded to HMTL 5. The benefits:

  • View and respond to test and poll/survey questions within Brainshark presentations
  • Click to navigate to any point in a presentation
  • Share presentations instantly via email and social media
  • Open and view attachments associated with a presentation
  • And more
If your video host, collaboration vendor and other online services are not using HTML 5 and don’t plan to, you MIGHT want to consider switching.


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