Powtoon: Use It To Create Awesome Animations For Your Next Talk

During Christmas evening yesterday, as some were watching movies, others were playing Xbox (I sorely lost to a young friend 202 to 124 in Xbox NBA 2K basketball) I decided to check out Powtoon an animation creation service.

What I immediately like about Powtoon is that it’s easy to use and feature rich.

Although you can create your own animations or presentations, with minimal efforts it’s best to train your young in-house designer or hire someone off off of Elance (or Powtoon’s marketplace)  to create a Powtoon presentation or animation for you.

I’m sure you’ve seen those slick animations by hot tech companies showcasing their product or service – right? You hear the European voiced guy or gal speaking excitedly about their product and wish you could have something as slick as that for your own business – with Powtoon – you surely can. It competes with tools such as GoAnimate, but I’ve found Powtooon to be easier.

Powtoon has a presentation mode, giving you “Powerpont like” controls or “animation” mode, letting you create more of a “movie” than a presentation.

Powtoon costs from $9 to $247 per month – quite affordable pricing to help you create a presentation that will wow and impress any audience.


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