Ready To Rent All Your Software, Including Your Windows Desktop?

Online applications are not new – you probably use Google Apps, Office 365 and a host of other online services. What about Windows, Microsoft Office and other software.

In a new stab at an old industry (hosted desktop virtualization), Nivio recently launched to provide an all in one suite of software services to small businesses.

For $35 per year you get online storage (no need for Dropbox), Microsoft Office (no need to install it on each computer) and more.

Nivio has only been around since 2012 and I’m not a fan of you putting your entire infrastructure with a brand new company – but hey – maybe this is for you – especially if you’re tired of maintaining your security, online and installed software.

Here’s some Nivio features:

  • Create virtual Windows desktops on-demand as businesses add users.
  • Windows with Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more on nearly any device via a downloaded application (for iOS, Android, PCs, and Mac), or via the Nivio HTML 5 web interface.
  • Rent software, including Microsoft Office, for low monthly fees. Rent it by the month only when it is needed. All software provisioned within Nivio is fully licensed with all updates and maintenance managed are covered.
  • Manage accounts with the administrative control panel interface. Create new desktops, provision software, manage storage and permissions, monitor usage, and run reports.
  • Built-in networked storage via the company share virtual file server. Store and share files, set access permissions, and add storage as your business grows.
  • Share files via nDrive, our built-in file sharing and storage functionality which synchronizes files across devices, and makes sharing and collaborating easy.
  • Nivio customer support is available around the clock to all customers at no added cost.
  • Data, files, and activities are protected against viruses, malware and security breaches, so staff can access data anywhere with confidence.

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