Share Files and Outlook Folders From PC to PC: No Cloud Needed

I LOVE the “cloud”. Without online software my business would not be nearly as productive as it is. In fact, without the cloud there would be no Infusionsoft, no Facebook, no Google – there would not be a lot of the online services we use so much today.

However, sometimes you want to share a file or Outlook folder and you wonder, “if I share this file through an online service, is it really secure”.

CodeTwo Public Folders is Windows software that let’s you share and synchronize files and Outlook folders directly, from computer to computer with no online cloud storage.

Pricing starts at $160 – no monthly fee and here are some features of CodeTwo

  • Create and share public or personal folders – Share personal Outlook folders or create and share public folders that work similarly to Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Real-time, automatic syncing – No need to click.  Selected folders are automatically synchronized in real-time.
  • Work online or offline –– Since files are stored on local computers, users can work offline without an Internet connection.  All content changes are updated when users return online.
  • Sync Outlook custom forms and views  — Teams can synchronize custom Outlook forms and views to help increase efficiency and ensure everyone has the same workflow.
  • Administration Panel — Manage access rights, backups, licensing or restore removed items from the convenient admin panel.
  • Fast set up, easy to use – No need to learn new software. Set up in minutes on Windows PCs.  No servers or high-level technical expertise required.


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