Should You Invest In Content For Tablet Users?

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Android Windows TabletSo you KNOW that you need a web site. You KNOW that you need your online content designed for smartphones. You know that you need to develop social content, email newsletter and a blog. There is yet ONE MORE thing for you to CONSIDER.

Should you develop content just for tablet users? Based on a recent press release:

 Harry & David,provider of gourmet premium gifts, announced that they turned to Skava to create a fully tablet optimized website experience after the company saw that their tablet traffic had more than doubled in the last 12 months. 

The big lesson learned in this is that they WATCHED their analytics and discovered that they had enough customers and potential customers to warrant a dedicated focus on content just for tablet users!

A recent Skava report “The Significance of Tablet for Retailers Report 2012” shows that a tablet shopper spends more, is 4 times more likely to buy and is much more affluent than a smartphone shopper. The same report also shows that prior to Thanksgiving this year, only 7% of the top 100 US retailers have created a tablet optimized website – but Skava expect that to double by the end of 2012 as retailers finally understand the value of catering to tablet users.

Harry and David chose to create the new tablet website in order to:

  •          Optimize the Harry & David brand experience across platforms
  •          Better leverage unique capabilities and high resolution imagery of tablets
  •          Improve ease of navigation for tablet shoppers
  •          Create an engaging shopping experience for high value customer segment
  •          Increase conversion rates for tablet shoppers


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