Tech Review: Check Out Imprego To Create Mobile Ready Landing Pages

Over the weekend I had a real quick look (nothing in depth) of a new service, Imprego.

For small businesses that don’t need or don’t have the time or resources to create a full fledged mobile web site, they might want to consider just creating a simple landing page for their mobile users.

Sure it’s not a full blown web site, but for some uses a business just might want to capture information from mobile users or showcase one service or product of their business.

Imprego offers drag and drop, great looking templates, lead capture, stats and more.

One caution, it’s always BEST to have all of your customers coming through ONE system. For example, your lead capture being through one backend fed to one database. So it would not be so great to have some of your customers coming to your main web site form and another set of mobile customers coming to your mobile database form.

Either way Imprego looks pretty interesting.

Let me know what you think.

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