Technology Continues To Revolutionize Work

According to formal work surveys is a solo company enterprise – me – as its only employee.

However, what they miss, is that throughout the year, I hire professionals responsible for event management, marketing, editorial support, free lancer writers, photographers and more. The government does not see this money flow now count it as much.

For small businesses looking to GROW – you don’t need to hire EMPLOYEES for your business – at first. You can hire smart professionals. In fact I run much of my business through Elance.

Elance’s 2013 Predictions of Work Study¬†predicts that students, online work and ObamaCare flexibility will make up a big chunk of the new work force in 2013. For those out of work this is BAD but it’s also a HUGE opportunity for small businesses to connect to these newly released professionals and an opportunity for these professionals to reinvent themselves.

While having a professional you can see and touch in your office is AWESOME, you might get the same or better results by hiring someone you can’t see physically.

When working with remote professionals ensure you have CLEAR and MEASURABLE work you want them to do and clear and frequent communication.


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