Think 4G Is Only For Smartphones? It’s Also For Video Surveillance and More

Most of us think of 4G as a fast wireless technology only relevant for smartphones and broadband wireless. However, wireless vendors are also using it to power other uses that require wireless accessibility – such as wireless video cameras for surveilance systems.

Imagine being able to remotely control and access individual video cameras in your office, while you’re away.

Verizon Wireless’s blog post on this is quite interesting. It reads:

For example, TacticalVIDEO, which offers a complete 4G LTE surveillance kit that enables business owners to keep an eye on their assets from any location. High-definition wireless cameras can be accessed in real-time and controlled from mobile devices. It also includes Video Viewing, a secure application that runs live with minimal latency and sends an alert to a mobile device if there is an unwarranted disturbance.

Another option is SecureWatch24, which notes seeing more small businesses interested in analyticsworking in tandem with video. By integrating high-speed connectivity with security solutions, technology gives the small business information about their security landscape – whether it is activated by motion detection or a continuous feed.

However, security isn’t the only application for mobile video. Intelligent video can also supply valuable analytical information for a business. What are people doing inside your store? Are your displays in the right place and getting noticed? How many times did customers pick up that red sweater on sale? Answers to these and other questions can help a business prosper – and 4G LTE technology plays a key role.

As such, businesses should consider the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in the security monitoring. By adding these tags onto inventory or portable items used by salespeople, businesses can monitor assets and ensure they don’t go missing. A simple geofence can be defined to flag items when they are outside the business perimeter.

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