Two Security Scenarios: Hosted Or On Premise Solutions Offer Choices For Your Business

As you consider securing your small network there are two options:

a) install software on your end points (computers, notebooks, servers) and properly configure your network.

b) option “b” is to invest in cloud security solutions and ensure every end point is managed online through a cloud solution.

Many security vendors offer this option, including Total Defense, whose solution includes three layers of security:

  • Advanced endpoint anti-malware and application controls: protects Windows, Mac and Linux devices from malware, secures & controls applications being used by end users and protects against threats from removable media;
  • Web filtering and malware protection: cloud-based URL filtering including sophisticated anti-malware security, real-time dynamic content analysis, outbound data leakage prevention, application controls, quota management and policy compliance;
  • Email security: cloud-based anti-spam and email threat prevention, providing a clean email connection and securing

Using cloud based security, every device with the installed software, is fully managed and controlled by you (and/or an IT administrator).

Speak with your tech consultant about which option is best for you.

Other cloud security options include Symantec and GFI Security

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