Want Your Phone To Ring? Pay Per Call Could Bring In More Sales Than PPC

While PPC (pay per click) is a great way to do online advertising  – only pay for clicks – some companies are finding that Pay Per Call (I guess also PPC) technology might even be a better option.

According to their press release, what I like about RingRevenue is that unlike typical call tracking tools that provide only a custom phone number and reporting, RingRevenue’s patented call marketing technology adds a real-time call quality-filtering engine. The cloud-based system lets advertisers set their own filters and rules to pre-qualify calls and ensure only high-quality incoming calls are delivered to an agent. RingRevenue can even instantly route calls to the right part of a call center, based on known call metrics. The system provides a complete, easy-to-use call quality management platform to help companies devote more time, attention and resources to serving callers most likely to convert to actual customers.

Sometimes we forget the importance of a phone call – of us calling people and of people call us. RingRevenue’s studies who that for purchases over $150 people often want to call and find out more information before they buy or even purchase the product over the phone.

Think about your metrics of customer acquisition costs. Is it worth it to have a customer call you, if you’re selling something for several hundred dollars?


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