When Very Small Businesses Grow They Need “Bigger” Software

I was just looking at the team edition of SlideShark and thinking to myself, when you’re a one person business and/or VERY small, the tech tools you use can be for a business your size. But as you grow it is critical that you consider tools that enable you to share information with your team and have back end administrative tools to manage your team.

Slideshark, is a tool that lets you show presentations on your iPad, the team edition has an administrative function and ability to push slides in and out of your team’s iPad.

There are a lot of tools out there that work awesome for one person – one solo business professional. However, like a good Navy SEAL team – one Navy SEAL can only do so much – it’s the entire team that works to get the job done. Your tools need to be able to support teams.

This means there should be a mechanism to manage the service – to add and remove users. A way for team members to collaborate with each other and share. Of course depending on what tool your using the team features will be different.

As your business grows, ensure your software grows with your business.

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