15 Tips To Make Your Web Site Better. Andrew Hayes Critiques 6 Web Sites at NMX Blogworld

Today at New Media Expo , in Las Vegas, Andrew Hayes, a web producer for hire, gave live critiques of web sites. His critique, specific to the following web sites, is also of importance to all web sites, overall.


  1. Great that the doctor’s face is there (people like to see a human face)
  2. Use the words and language that your customers understand. On this web site, maybe customers do not even know the names of the problems they might have.
  3. In a navigation put what’s most important on the left – from left to right is the priority level
  4. Instead of having a “subscribe to updates for free” form, be more specific. What will you get by subscribing to an email newsletter?
  5. Tell your visitors what to do on your home page – they might need to be guided in what action to take.


  1. Have less of the big logo and more of what the site does, so people know immediately what they can do at the site.
  2. Language (copy) is very important in menus
  3. Having  “need help” as a menu item does not say much. Be more descriptive.
  4. Get rid of blog rolls, why send people to external links (like that?). Warn people if they are leaving your site.
  5. Think of ways that new and repeat readers can access your archives

Writing Travel

  1. Have categories of what is being written about
  2. A description of  what the site was about was hard to see
  3. Huge chunks of text on the right navigatoni show “recent posts” – instead use thumbnail images or clear headlines
  4. Use themes and/or topics, not just archives


  1. Be careful having two navigation banners. Could be clutter and/or easy to see.
  2. Instead of writing “Friggin 5”  (in the navigation bar) write “Podcast” – people understand that better.


Tip – give nothing away for free – they MUST at least give their email newsletter (this works for SOME not for all or even most)


  1. Need a big tagline under the logo
  2. Need location of the resort
  3. Get rid of page names like “home” on the page itself

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