3 Photo Apps to Optimize Your Social Media Posts

According to a study by Internet marketing company Hubspot, Facebook posts with images attract 53% more “Likes” and 104% more comments than posts with links or text only. For businesses, this means including an image in every post in order to increase engagement and thus brand reach.

To spice up the images in your social posts, check out the  mobile photo apps below. Do you use any of them? Which other image apps do you recommend?

1. Diptic for photo collages: available for $0.99 on iOS and Android

Diptic is my favorite photo collage app for several reasons. The app allows you to choose from 165 collage layouts, customize the frames, apply filters, add text captions, and edit basic photo elements like brightness and saturation. You can upload photos from your phone’s camera roll or pull from your Flickr or Facebook albums. Once you’ve finalized your collage, Diptic produces a very high-resolution photo that you can share to your social networks.

2. Photosynth for panoramic photos: available for free on Windows Mobile and iOS

stanford stadium3

Powered by Microsoft, Photosynth is a panorama photo app that allows you to shoot multiple perspectives of a given scene. In the photo above of the Stanford University football stadium, I shot from left to right to create a panoramic image, but you can also snap photos from any direction, e.g., up and down or no direction in particular. The app is a bit tricky for snapping seamless panoramic views but with practice, it gets easier. Once you’ve completed your panorama, you can share it to your social networks

3. Red Stamp for photo greeting cards: available for free on iOS

RedStampI’ve been a longtime fan of Red Stamp Cards, an app for creating personalized photo cards, holiday greetings, notes, invitations, and announcements. Red Stamp can be a great business tool, e.g., for thanking your customers. Send cards — with or without photos — electronically via email or social networks.

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Baochi Nguyen is CEO of Social Canny, a digital marketing and social strategy agency. A fifteen-year veteran of the Internet industry, Baochi's expertise spans product marketing, marketing communications, PR, events, mobile technologies, social media and analytics. She has worked at large enterprises like Alcatel/Lucent, as well as startups such as Boingo Wireless and RingCentral. Baochi's leadership in social marketing and CRM has earned recognition in Mashable, Entrepreneur Magazine, and various book publications including The Now Revolution by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund. As a communicator and technophile, Baochi aims to convey technology's uses and benefits in ways that are accessible and easy to understand by consumer and business users. Baochi holds Bachelor and Master's degrees from Stanford University, CA.

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