3 Reasons To Fire Your Web Developer and Build Your Own Website. 4 Reasons You Need A Web Developer.

Wix website service
Wix website service

Wix website service

Last week I used Wix.com , a “do it yourself” (DIY) web development service to build a website.

I’ve used these DIY type of web services a few times in the past but was always dissatisfied with how complicated they were or how they were TOO simple.

The other problem I noticed is that the templates they offered were lacking – not looking to good (or modern) at all.

Wix.com is different and is one of the best web development services I’ve really played with.

Hat’s off to Jimdo, Intuit Website Builder, GoDaddy, Network Solutions and others who also have web building services.

So here’s what I realized as I was using Wix.com to build a web site.

  1. For basic and simple web sites a web developer is not needed
  2. What you need for today’s web sites, is a smart professional with an eye for good layout
  3. You don’t need a web developer who is simply adding plain vanilla WordPress widgets to your blog – you or your staff can do this

So you might then ask, what do I need a web developer for?

You need a web developer for their expertise. Here’s the things a web developer (or online agency) should be hired for:

  1. Ensure your web site is optimized for search engines
  2. Once you outgrow a “simple” web site, a good web developer can customize your web site (menus, colors, navigation, speed)
  3. Your web developer can serve as a consultant to help you ensure you reach your online goals (sales? clicks? track?)
  4. Make your web site LOOK good. Sometimes it takes a professional web designer to make a web site that looks great. You can only do so much yourself.

So if you’re paying lots of money for a web developer who is a glorified typist – save your money and fire your web developer. However, if you want to leverage your web site (and other online content) to GROW YOUR BUSINESS (video, ecommerce, social media and more) a web developer can help tremendously.


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Fire Your Web Developer and Build Your Own Website. 4 Reasons You Need A Web Developer.

  1. Arik Sternberg

    Hey Ramon, glad to see you enjoyed your DIY experience with Wix.

    As someone who has helped thousands of Wix users to learn how to create
    and promote their professional online presence, I can also add that:
    ‘doing it yourself’, actually preparing all the content in the website
    and planning the structure it will be prioritized and presented in, gives the
    website owner a ‘business plan’ perspective that most small business owners still
    don’t bother to write.

    What’s a website if not an interactive business plan?!


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