Alicia Keys Advice To Small Businesses – 7 Tech Tips From Alicia To Ramon For Small Businesses

I’m at the BlackBerry10 launch today in New York City. You can see my earlier coverage of the launch here.

I was able to briefly speak with Alicia Keys about the role of technology and small business.

She shared with me, in our discussion, that she has a 9 person business. Here’s Alicia Keys’ tips and thoughts on the role of technology and small business:

  1. Mobile devices are an incredible platform for small business growth.
  2. You can do so much on your smartphone – such as managing your expenses.
  3. Since so many small businesses are on the road, mobile technology is even more important.
  4. Alicia is a mom, an entertainer and has a personal life of fun as well – it’s important that her mobile technology help manage these parts of her life
  5. Small businesses struggle with how to get the attention of their customers – mobile technology can help with this.
  6. Each small business owner must focus on what makes them UNIQUE – leveraging technology overall can help (such as the power of social media)
  7. Leverage mobile technology to give you LIMITLESS possibilities in your business.

Well there you have it from Alicia Keys – 7 tips to use technology to GROW YOUR small business.

8 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Advice To Small Businesses – 7 Tech Tips From Alicia To Ramon For Small Businesses

  1. eham06

    Great article. However, Blackberry10 is about 4 years too late. How does Blackberry plan to gain back market share? Most app developers won’t touch Blackberry because it’s hard enough developing on 2 platforms. What are your thoughts about that?

    • Ramon Ray

      You have a valid point – but BB has a 3 prong strategy

      – BIG advertising and marketing pushes
      – creating a great product that hopefully more and more people will LOVE – then more developers will want to join in

      • eham06

        Thanks for the response. I believe Big companies with mobile apps such as Orbitz, Chase & Facebook will definitely have versions for the Blackberry. Do you really think the thousands of small app developers will have the time/resources to develop on a 3rd platform? I think history has shown us the developers have a tolerance for 2 platforms at the most. Remember the Mac vs PC wars that continue today. Thanks again…

        • Ramon Ray

          Indeed – the thousands and thousands might not write for BB – however if the momentum grows and they can get ALL of the most popular and almost popular apps they’ll be ok. Sure they might not ever have a 100% lock of the mobile market like back in the “days” but they’ll not only stop the slide away from BB and make it LEVEL or in fact get more conversions to BB from business and professionals and every day consumers – we’ll see 🙂

  2. Ron Fleming

    Blackberry’s biggest problem is that they missed a MAJOR shift in the market. When Blackberries first came out, few people outside of the corporate world felt a need to have their email coming to their phones. But now that the smartphone market has vastly grown, a device that just does email well and not much else isn’t nearly appealing as a phone that does email reasonably well but does so many other things so much better. Their market has really shrunk to those who need the sheer power and security of their email system, but that niche is not nearly large enough to sustain them, and for the person who doesn’t require CSA-grade email security, they don’t offer very much in comparison to other now available smartphones, especially for the average consumer who isn’t going to pay the additional cost of the Blackberry data plan anyway.

    What they needed to do long ago was figure out how to design a smartphone that performs as well for the average consumer as it does for the attorney or company executive, and simply have their powerful email platform available as an a la carte option for those who truly need it. I’m not sure they have time to correct that mistake, now that many app designers making great apps for the iPhone and Android devices consider the Blackberry platform largely irrelevant because they have such a small market share.


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