All Of Your Business Eggs In One Basket Is Risky. Have A Back-Up Plan!

We all know the old cliché, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”  for our moms used to say this to us in a myriad of situations…applying to just ONE college, dating just ONE person, interviewing at just ONE company.

And even if we gave our moms grief and provided some push back against her wise words, in our heart of hearts, we got the message.

So, if we were able to get the message then, why is it that now, when the stakes might even be higher and we are all the more experienced and mature, we are still often caught with all of our eggs in one basket.

Give me some examples, you say. Okay, how about these:

  • Your business is running pretty darned smoothly except that almost all of your revenue is generated by just one client. (Uh oh)
  • Your sales rep isn’t very forthcoming and has pretty much left you out of the loop with their accounts. At this point you don’t even know who they are talking to and the status, well, forget it. (Uh oh)
  • You have a Virtual Assistant and they’re incredibly helpful. They have everything under wraps until they suddenly get sick or have a family emergency that puts them totally out of pocket, and with little or no time to plan. (Uh oh)

And there are more, but you get my drift.

What I am stressing here is the absolute need for you to have a back-up plan at the ready if, and when, something goes awry. I mean you back-up your computer, right? (Oh boy don’t even get me started on that!).

Mission critical aspects of your business cannot be left to chance and all of your eggs can’t be in just one basket.  A smart business person will build in some redundancies and have concrete back-up plans.  Do you?

The best time to start is now BEFORE there’s a problem.

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Adrian Miller is President of Adrian Miller Sales Training, a 25-year old business growth advisory helping clients to develop more new business, generate increased business from existing clients and monetize all of their sales and marketing endeavors. Adrian is also the Founder of Adrian's Network, a highly successful and unique business networking community that has hundreds of raving fans and is adding more each day. A's Net helps its members to grow their businesses through highly strategic and effective networking.

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