Anti Virus Software Alone Is Simply Not Enough Protection

I’ve told you this so many times, Anti-Virus Software is NOT enough to completely protect your business. You need anti-virus software on your mobile devices, computers and servers. You also need properly configured routers, intrusion detection software on your network, completely backup and recovery software, analysis of your logs and more – if you want to be as protected as possible.

You also to need to ensure that you train your employees to be AWARE of digital threats – which can come through their computers or a hacker calling them up impersonating the “IT department”.

Hackers are on the prowl to be STEPS ahead of the security industry.

The New York Times writes:

Consumers and businesses spend billions of dollars every year on antivirus software. But these programs rarely, if ever, block freshly minted computer viruses, experts say, because the virus creators move too quickly. That is prompting start-ups and other companies to get creative about new approaches to computer security.

“The bad guys are always trying to be a step ahead,” said Matthew D. Howard, a venture capitalist at Norwest Venture Partners who previously set up the security strategy at Cisco Systems. “And it doesn’t take a lot to be a step ahead.”

Read the full article here.

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