DocuSign Helps Small Businesses Toss the Fax Machine

As we enter 2013, many offices still have fax machines. They sit next to printers and copiers, relics from past generations of office workers. As they die, they’re either incorporated into multifunction copiers and printers or replaced, since many offices feel they have to keep them around in case they need to sign something and fax it back.

Receiving faxes is another reason to keep fax machines around, but services like MyFax can remedy that. MyFax also allows you to send faxes, but if you have something that needs to be signed you’ll have to print it out, sign it, and scan it back into your computer. There has to be an easier way.

DocuSign rose to prominence among businesses in 2012, when the rising popularity of touchscreen devices made on-the-spot signing easier. With a stylus or even the tip of a finger, customers and employees can sign documents and send them back in seconds, all without having to waste a single page of paper. The concept is both environmentally-friendly and money-saving, both for the business that provides the paperwork and the customers and clients who are being asked to sign them.

For as little as $15 per month, a business owner can sign up for DocuSign and create, upload, and e-mail documents to others to be signed. The service even includes free “sign here” graphics that business owners can attach to point to those parts of the document that needs to be signed. Your recipient will receive an e-mail notifying them they have a document to sign. They can then open the document in a web browser and sign the document as you’ve requested.

Now that “sign” functionality has been added to the free version of Acrobat, some businesses are asking why pay for a service like this? DocuSign stores all documents in the Cloud, where they’ll be easily retrieved if you ever need it. You can also save templates for documents you use frequently, which can come in handy if you’re on the road with access only through a tablet or smartphone.

Another plus to DocuSign is iOS integration, allowing Apple OS device users to sign, save, and send documents directly from their device. iPhone and iPad owners can even snap a photo of a document, sign it on the device, and send it. Android users can also sign and send documents directly on their device. And because DocuSign features Outlook integration, users can open, sign, and send documents easily inside their e-mail.

DocuSign was widely touted as one of the best apps of 2012, including Media Post’s Appy Award in the productivity category. The app reached the number two spot in the App Store for productivity apps within the first ten days of its launch and has continued to rank prominently since.

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Stephanie Faris

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