Become a Marketing Powerhouse With Vocus All-in-One Marketing Suite

Online marketing can be a difficult area for many business owners due to the fact it is a vast field which requires constant attention to ensure everything is functioning properly.  From social networks, email campaigns, and traditional search management, ensuring everything is working smoothly can be a full-time job at times. Fortunately, the leading marketing firm Vocus is now offering an all-in-one marketing suite for small business owners which integrates social, search, publicity, and email, all in one application to streamline the business owners marketing workflow.

In terms of social signals, the Vocus suite allows businesses to pinpoint social media users looking for products similar to what is offered by their company and then allow the company to directly engage the lead. Vocus provides customers with a powerful social media management panel within the suite, which allows tracking of metrics such as word clouds, influential tweeters, tone of the conversations surrounding a brand, and much more. All these features are accessible from a simple to use interface.

Email marketing is another crucial area for virtually all business owners to get solid returns. According to Vocus, in 2011 the average return on investment (ROI) for email was $40.56 for every $1 spent on email marketing. In 2012, email accounted for over $60 billion in sales. Although the market is filled with many tools claiming to offer email marketing services, the marketing suite by Vocus provides an effective way for users to manage subscriptions, target and segment lists, amplify messages, create professionally designed emails, and set up auto-responders while tracking their success.

A crucial  area which the Vocus marketing suite assists with is local marketing. By helping to streamline getting businesses listed on all major local business listing sites from a central location ensures that businesses are visible and  are able to keep the information accurate since Vocus provides control from a single location rather than the usual scenario of a business paying a firm to scour the internet for listing sites and then update the information accordingly.

Finally, Vocus provides customers with the ability to promote their press releases to a network of over 30,000 journalists so when a company launches a new product or service, they are instantly able to get the word out to existing customers and  journalists covering the beats pertaining to the companies offering.

Aside from all these features being packaged in a central website, Vocus also provides users with mobile capabilities allowing them to manage their marketing campaigns while on the go. Does this offering mean that you no longer need to retain a marketing firm to handle your companies marketing efforts? Overall the service is very promising and is worth a shot, however as every business is different the decision must be made on an individual basis.

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