Hire Vendors Who Embrace Mobility and Your Employees’ Productivity Will Increase

I was looking at a press announcement from Concur speaking about how companies can better handle employee travel reimbursements. Doing this manually is an arduous process, but letting technology facilitate the process can be much more efficient.

Concur cited an Aberdeen study in their press release:

A recent report by Aberdeen Group found that it costs the average U.S. company approximately $18 to process each expense report. This same study found that the cost drops below $8 per report in “best-practice” companies that have automated the process. Based on these findings and internal data, Concur estimates that U.S. companies are wasting more than $2 billion annually as a result of these inefficient manual processes. Companies interested in addressing this issue can learn more here.

I started this about this more. As small business owners, if we work with vendors who have products and services that are mobile ready, this ensure our own companies are operating more efficiently. Let’s look at Concur again. They enable employees to use their phones to upload receipts to Concur’s travel and reimbursement system and in fact manage much of the entire expense reporting process on a phone. What if the other vendors you worked with also had mobile enabled services – HR, travel, payroll, telecommunications and more. Instead of you footing the bill to ensure your employees can be productive on the road your VENDORS  are helping you do this.

So the next time you are looking to buy services from a vendor, for some service your business needs, ensure their products and services are mobile enabled.

You’ll boost productive in your company and your employees will feel better about their work environment.



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