Is It Time To Leave Skype and Google Hangouts Behind? A Look At Better Conferencing Services.

I’ve used Skype for years to do conference calls. Now I’ve been using Google Hangouts much more.

However, there’s a new crop of services that aim to do what Skype and Google are doing – but better.  These services are adding new features and better coding to make the conferencing features smoother – less jerky and unclear than ever before.

We covered a bit earlier and today I tried out Voxeet which aims to have audio calls be more clear, than traditional conference call systems – which are often miserable – and to enable you to more easily SEE who is talking.

What’s also nice is that with one click you can transfer a call to your cell phone – if your using your computer for the call.

Voxeet Natural Conferencing ends the frustration of the modern conference call, providing crystal clear relaxed conversations, free of the choppy, walkie-talkie strains of traditional solutions. Patent-pending 3D technology with audio and visual cues lets you listen to multiple participants as if you were seated around a conference table. Other Natural Conferencing features include the ability to “whisper” to individual participants, and transparent transition from computer to mobile.

If you’re using Skype or other tools, you MIGHT want to consider other, newer systems, which are being developed to provide better call quality and features for  better phone call.

Do check out the new Skype community if you want to share your business advise or get help.

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