New Service: AboutOurWork Aims To Intelligently Match Businesses to Businesses

AboutOurWork is a relatively new service, started by serial entrepreneur’s David Hunegnaw and Brooke Paul that helps businesses find other businesses.

I’m not entirely convinced of the need for this kind of service, but I do think it has promise and I’ve been wrong more than once!

Facebook is a great advertising platform for businesses to reach consumers and in some ways other businesses. Twitter is a social engagement platform for content. LinkedIn is great for reaching out business professionals.

AboutOurWork, based in Columbus, Ohio, is a network focused on matching the BUSINESS to another BUSINESS. That’s the big difference.

With AboutOurWork you get  a company profile and the ability to make your company profile your web site – with no AboutOurWork branding.

Recently AboutOurWork launched a new service – MatchUp which is pretty innovative.

From their web site, “MatchUp™ is our proprietary recommendation engine that identifies companies highly complimentary to yours and makes the necessary introductions. Automagically. Simply provide the information that best describes your business and let MatchUp™ do the rest.” MatchUp tells you if another business would be a good client, vendor or collaborator.

There’s more to AboutOutWork such as analytics and a “connected” service.

If you love networking and connecting with other businesses and like to try out new things – give AboutOurWork a try. It’s basic features are free and then you can pay for more services.

One thought on “New Service: AboutOurWork Aims To Intelligently Match Businesses to Businesses

  1. David Hunegnaw


    Thanks for the writing about us.

    We’ve been working on MatchUp for the past year, interviewing dozens of small business B2B’s as well as several Chambers of Commerce around the country. The consistent feedback from them all was that the existing social networks don’t work for small business B2B’s.

    The other key takeway from our interviews was that small business owners are busier than ever and don’t want another social network that requires ongoing status updates.

    That’s why we built MatchUp. If you’ve ever used a website to help you buy the next best book, watch the next best movie, or if you’ve ever used a website to find a date, you’ll easily understand the idea behind MatchUp.

    Our goal is to reinvent the way small businesses connect and network with one another. MatchUp takes key datapoints from the company profile, and uses that data to make intelligent business-to-business connections.

    No status updates required.

    Thanks Ramon!

    Dave H.


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