Start-Up Spotlight: Talibro Brings A Fresh New Look To Online Accounting Software

Each week at we will begin showcasing a new startup that is contributing something to the technology world for small businesses.  This week our spotlight is falling on Talibro, an online, double-entry accounting software as a service for small and medium sized businesses that was launched on October 16, 2012 by Talibro LLC, a US based company.

Talibro’s main focus is to provide online accounting services for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Founded by two brothers, Bekzod and Sherzod Rummetov, who are accountants and experienced in programming and usability studies, they bring this experience to the table to provide a product that shines a bit differently from its peers.

The two brothers have extensive experience with accounting principles as well as the software out there that helps manage it, which is why they created their product in the first place. The world is filled with online accounting solutions already, though, right? So what sets this apart from the others?

One major difference is User role management. User role management within accounting software is something that some users have complained is inflexible in most programs and Talibro took notice. Talibro allows users to set permissions in just about every screen for user groups and individuals to view, edit, add, and delete information as needed and pertinent to the functions they need to perform and you want them to have access to.

Other interesting features of Talibro include invoicing as well as overdue invoice reminders and recurring invoices, a journal entry form that allows easy manipulation of customer and supply balances, and an expense tracking feature that lets you register business expenses, pay suppliers, and refund customers. You can set up payments to be partial or across multiple invoices; Talibro will automatically update the total amount due across the board. Furthermore, you can plug this into PayPal if you’re so inclined.

You can make comparisons to other similar software, such as QuickBooks (whose user role management control leaves some wanting), Xero (which does not include stock valuation except through an additional purchased add-on), or Outright (which does not include inventory management or invoice reminders).

Of course, these are all pretty darn good programs in and of themselves; even Talibro does not do everything, as its intent is focused on small and medium businesses, so super-complicated and powerful programs might not be the best choice, or will offer you far too many options beyond what you really need and want. Through careful exploring of the simpler interface in Talibro, you can find your way a bit easier and not be overwhelmed immediately.

Talibro, as well as their users, consider it to be easy to use, especially for newcomers. There are a few user reviews out there that sing this program’s praises, and with a free basic package, you can take it for a spin to figure out for yourself if this is what you want driving your accounting forces. The ‘standard’ option is 19.95 per month, and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee to give you a further safety net.

Ultimately, small businesses are faced with tough choices as to what they want to use under-the-hood to drive their back-end operations. Most accounting programs might seem too complicated or powerful for your purposes, which makes Talibro particularly attractive. As a new start-up company, it’s very likely they will bend over backwards to earn your business.

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Michael Eckenfels

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