Two Solutions That Turn Your Smartphone Into A Conferencing System

The fact that companies haven’t focused much attention into creating solutions that take advantage of smartphones and transform them into conferencing systems is kind of puzzling. A vast amount of smart business owners around the globe use smartphones. The trend now is to replace land lines with these portable and easily accessible devices. So, why not also replace land-line-based conferencing equipment with devices that are based on smartphones?

So far, two companies have taken the plunge! It’s time to introduce you to a new, revolutionary conferencing technology that will make you throw your land lines out the window in favor of smaller, portable, easy-to-use, and versatile hardware. Here are the two brave souls that have thus far gone through the painstaking process of developing a solution for you:

  • Phoenix Audio Technologies Quattro3 USB, SIP, and IP Telephone – The Quattro 3 MT303 is a particularly intelligent device that attaches itself to your smartphone through an interface cable and lets you establish a true conferencing environment with HD audio. With this device, you get a crisp-quality sound that eliminates the need for you to stay close to your phone to hear or be heard. This device is ideal for conference room settings as much as it is for personal office use. The price tag for the MT303 runs at a bit under $600 with most distributors, and it’s compatible with any smartphone you use that runs iOS or Android.
  • Invoxia’s AudiOffice – With the AudiOffice, you transform your workplace and conference room into a very all-encompassing audio heaven. AudiOffice is basically a dock that attaches to your smartphone, allowing you to place quick calls, switch over to video conferencing, and enjoy some relaxing music when you’re off the hook. AudiOffice is available for $299 and connects directly to any iOS device. It contains an extra port for attachment with other smartphone types. This device, although marketed for the conference room, looks more like an office device because of its aesthetics. Of course, you can be the judge of that!

Creating a friendly environment in which everyone hears one another clearly should be a first priority for your next meeting. It’s crucial to have a portable solution to set up conferences everywhere you go. Just don’t start setting them up in your car! You might spill your coffee.

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