Improve Customer Service and Save Money With A Virtual Call Center

Some of the biggest companies in the world like American Express and CitiGroup are known for the exceptional customer service they provide. If you were to study the strategies of these brands, then you could see how much importance they place on customer relationship management, or what the industry calls, CRM. In short, these big enterprises know exactly how to make their customers feel special. They do so by running a tight ship at their backend offices all around the globe. Small businesses, however, cannot afford such luxuries. But does that mean their customers are not special to them? Not at all – the trick lies in knowing what tools to use to achieve the performance levels of big enterprises’ customer service without doling out massive amounts of cash. One such tool is the virtual call center.

As small businesses do not have the manpower, budget or the reach which bigger companies exert, the tools they use should ideally work around those limitations while still providing the most needed benefits to get the job done. In order to manage the customer queries in the most professional manner the virtual call center tool should:

  • let agents attend to queries from any possible location
  • allow call queuing in case the number of callers at any point of time exceeds the number of agents available for work
  • be a cloud based setup so as to avoid the extra expenditure that hardware based call centers incur.

The setup should also be such that it can handle both inbound and outbound call traffic, as having different centers is not really financially feasible for most small businesses.

With a cloud based setup, it is possible for call agents to pull up customer case histories or attributes on a customer, which gives further insight to the customer and allows the agent to handle the call better. More importantly, this also shortens the call duration, which in turn saves valuable money. When the customers find that they do not have to repeat their words, this reflects positively on the brand. With an effective IVR system in place, a virtual call center also lets the customer to stay on the queue and be serviced in the correct of preference. This is the sort of professionalism which ideally only bigger companies have managed to show so far.

Ringio call center is a solid solution for a cloud based virtual call center. Installation can be taken care of in a matter of minutes and the network between all locations is very seamless. As it uses a very powerful IVR set-up, it also prevents a lot of redundancy by making sure the right calls are handled by the right people. With the live call monitoring option, small businesses can also ensure that their CRM performance is up to the quality standards of larger companies.

Ringio supports virtual PBX and it also allows for call filtering. This means that if agents chose, they can route works calls onto their smartphones and handle business out of work hours too. These are some things small businesses do to ensure that they are always ahead of the curve and one step ahead of the competition. For those starting up a new business, they could give Ringio a try and take a progressive step towards bettering the customers’ experience with the brand. Ringio Call Center is very reasonably priced for $49 a user per month.


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Preetam Kaushik

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