Why Small Businesses Should Stop Being Geeks (Buying Phone Systems, Building Web Sites, etc)

I used to spend hours doing all sorts of “busy work”.

Be it editing videos, from video interviews I’ve done, or trying to fix something on my web site. While I love learning and figuring things out, I’ve found that the BEST use of my time has been to HIRE others to do these things while I focus on the overall management and growth of my company. Much of this help I get on Elance – from time to time, I’ll ask my children to help (and I do pay them).

The New York Times wrote how a small business owner went looking for a four line telephone system to upgrade their business from the virtual telephone system they were using.

As many of the comments in the article said, the business owner should have solicited the help of an expert to help guide them on what phone system to use and how to install it for their business.

LESSONS LEARNED: While it’s GREAT to explore and learn, I advocate this in my six Rules of Technology Success http://www.sixtechrules.com – to educate yourself, you don’t want to get in the WEEDS of your business or you can’t lead it and grow it.


7 thoughts on “Why Small Businesses Should Stop Being Geeks (Buying Phone Systems, Building Web Sites, etc)

  1. Jimi Mikusi

    I’ll also add some common feedback small businesses owners give when delegating/outsourcing, “I wish I had done it sooner!”

    While we struggle with the loss of control when delegating, it’s very often supplanted by relief and freedom to do more important things.

  2. Carolyn Crummey

    Great article and such an important point for small business owners to note! There are a lot of qualified freelancers, like myself, that do these kinds of things everyday for clients. Not only do we know where to go for the right solution, we’ve established solid relationships and experiences with vendors that we can pass along to our clients. Unfortunately, I think that it is sometimes the added task of finding that ‘right’ person to help that deters going in that direction, but as Jim stated below, for those that do they are always so happy they did!

    • Ramon Ray

      Thanks Carolyn. I find that many small businesses try to “save money” by not hiring help and/or expertise but should INVEST money so they can focus on GROWTH…

  3. Frank

    i had realized this point recently,however i found it’s bit too costly for me to hire other experts to do “these things”

  4. Russell Checchin

    As a person who does things related to mobile marketing for business I think you make a great point, its like a company that makes products out of wood trying to figure out the recipe to make glue which is a business on its own.


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