Web Browsers Matter. Why Dolphin Browser Is Built For Maximum Productivity

I use three browsers in my day to day work.

I use Chrome overall as it’s fast and had the edge on features. Mozilla Firefox is more or less similar and I use it for certain online applications. I find Microsoft’s Internet Explorer nice, but it’s not my personal favorite. But I do use it when I read Microsoft Exchange email.

I’ve heard for some time about the Dolphin browser but never gave it much attention until I saw a demo of it at Blogworld. From what I’ve seen, up close and personal and in real time, the Dolphin browser is the best browser for mobile productivity.

It’s latest features include the following:

One-click sharing: For small business owners, they are constantly working on building their social media presence while on the go. With Dolphin, they can now tweet, post to Facebook and email all in just one tap.

Further, when they are on the same wifi connection with their team, they can broadcast pages to each other from within Dolphin. Sharing websites has never been easier.

Dolphin Connect: Small business owners are always on the go and switching between mobile and desktop devices. Dolphin Connect makes their web (desktop, mobile, etc.) totally synced. Save time and pick up where you left off from any device, simply by enabling Dolphin Connect, and installing a ChromeFirefox or Safari extension. This is powerful and much more than just syncing bookmarks.

First-ever mobile web-clipping to Evernote and Box – create business document on the fly: If you’re an Evernote user, you know that their web-clipping is one of those features that made you fall in love with the app. Trouble is, you’ve never been able to do it easily from your mobile phone. Now, you can be more productive on mobile and clip articles, recipes and other pages into Evernote and Box with tags and comments, and also annotate the note within Dolphin.

You won’t know how powerful these features are until you try and use the Dolphin browser for a few days and experience a boost of productivity.

Check out these videos to see how these features owr

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