Will You Switch Accounting Services In 2013? Think Fresh In 2013.

So 2013 is here – it’s time to THINK fresh for 2013. Thinking fresh does not necessarily mean to START fresh and change, what it does mean is that you think every aspect of your business and what MIGHT need to change. One of these changes might be in regard to your accounting software.

I use Intuit’s Quickbooks to mange my cash flow, as most small businesses do. Ironically (or not), I also use Freshbooks for accounting as it’s online and I just find it so easy to use.

However, there are many alternatives on the market. Sage’s Peachtree is one – it’s desktop software. Other accounting services include Xero, Outright, Freshbooks, Indinero and Quickbooks Online. Some of these services are robust and have many features for growing businesses – other services are “light” and offer more limited features for smaller businesses.

Wave Accounting has made some recent change in their services:

Transactions with new “auto-categorization”

  • Invoicing – rebuilt from the ground up, and accept credit card payments from your customers; powered by Stripe with “Pay Now” feature
  • Personal Finance – rebuilt for tighter integration w/ business finances. Includes budgeting and real time investment tracking, and net worth calculator – Essentially for those who have personal finances intertwined with business finances
  • Mobile apps – to be launched in January for Payroll Management and Receipt Scanning
  • Payroll – launched in all 50 states in November, now fully integrated with all the other Wave products


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