14 Days of Facebook Marketing Tips. Tip #12: Use Facebook Apps With Your Business Page

14 Days of Facebook Marketing Tips. Tip #12:  Use Facebook Apps With Your Business Page


Welcome to 14 Days of Facebook Marketing Tips, on the occasion of the upcoming launch of “The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing ” (Wiley) by Ramon Ray, of Smallbiztechnology.com and Infusionsoft.

Buy Ramon’s latest book  on February 19th and get a digital box of goodies as your gift for buying the book, educating yourself and growing your business with Facebook.

In The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing , you will overall learn how to get more customers and keep the ones you have. You’ll also learn how to leverage overall online marketing, how to better use social media and, more specifically, how to use the power of Facebook for YOUR business.


Tip #9:  Use Facebook Apps With Your Business Page

Just like those you find on your smartphone or tablet, there are apps (applications) you can find on Facebook that are meant to entertain or accomplish certain tasks within the Facebook platform. This includes apps for things like photo-sharing, video sharing, static HTML, notes, etc. If added correctly to your Facebook page, these apps can be a definite enhancement that adds value to your page and your followers experience. For example, SlideShare is a very popular online platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations and if you add their app to your Facebook Page, you can then share those same presentations on your Page. Many business apps for Facebook are created as a way to incorporate content that has been created elsewhere into your Page, such as presentations or blogs, which is a huge operational benefit to your business.

There are a number of third-party apps available to add to your Page.  You can find these apps through existing products you use (many services, such as SlideShare, that you are currently using probably have a Facebook app) or through a site like Appbistro. To give you an idea of some of the different types of apps you can add, here is a listing of some of the top apps for Facebook:

  • ContactMe. This app allows you to add a contact form to your Facebook page, which followers can fill in to gain access to your newsletter, etc.
  • Easypromos. This app allows you to add, manage and modify promotions.
  • Pagemodo.  This app helps you to ‘dress up’ your Facebook page.
  • Twitter Feed For Timeline.  This app allows you to add your Twitter feed on your Facebook Page.
  • Show & Sell For Timeline. This app allows you to create a store front on your Facebook Page.
Apps allow you to take your Facebook business page to the next level and create an interactive area that engages your followers.  It’s just a matter of finding the right apps for your business, or perhaps even building your own…but that’s a Facebook Marketing tip all it’s own!


For more great tips on how to market your business with Facebook, check out ‘The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing’. And don’t forget – buy it on Feb. 19th and you’ll get the great digital ‘Goody Bag’ of special discounts and gifts!



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