Emails Are Legal Docs. Are You Archiving Them? Google Can Help.

Many small businesses are using Google Apps to power their email collaboration. But what happens when an employee leaves. What about the emails someone sent you years ago? What if the court mandates that you produce these documents? Can you? If  you can’t you could be held liable.

Google recently released a new service, an email archiving tool to help, for Google Apps customers.

Here’s more on Google Apps Vault.

When the unexpected happens—think employee turnover, sudden lawsuits—long-forgotten email messages can suddenly become critically important, providing answers or evidence. But do you have them, and can you find the ones that matter? As a Google Apps customer, you can make sure the answer is yes by using the new Google Apps Vault archiving and search solution.

Simply put, Vault saves all your users’ emails and chats and makes them easy to find (even after employees leave, if you choose).
Set up quickly—then relax. Define the retention rules once, and all emails and chats are automatically archived and accessible to your admin for as long as needed. Keep just the emails you want. Customizable retention rules let admins specify how long emails are kept. Find what you need, fast. Google’s powerful search technologies help you find and export precisely the messages you need, along with audit trails frequently needed for legal proceedings.


2 thoughts on “Emails Are Legal Docs. Are You Archiving Them? Google Can Help.

  1. steveolson

    Good point! Never thought about other users on our email. Havn’t been in a leagl situation yet but I don’t want to be caught red handed if it ever does!!! Using this right away!


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