Have Lots of Gadgets? Itembase Helps You Inventory and Get Paid For Them

Most all of us have a drawer full of gadgets. I know I due – from Hand Spring Visor to several recent smartphones.

Itembase helps you easily catalog your tech gear, see how much they are of value and sell them to someone else, if need be.

There are several ways you can add your products:

Users can add products and information through different ways:

  • Directly from our partner shops after a purchase.
  • Forward email receipts to the itembase account so we’ll extract all the information related to the product
  • Connect their email accounts for a full receipt scan
  • Add products manually when users don’t have receipts
Get rid of the drawer full of gadgets and make some money.
Not only does Itembase help you sell your gadgets but it also gives you a an INVENTORY of what you have.
Keep in mind there are also some programs that help you donate your gadgets to non-profit organizations.

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