Looking for Business Contacts? LinkedIn Not Enough? BizShark Might be for You.

Most of us use LinkedIn as our first source to identity, find and connect with business contacts. However, sometimes that’s not enough when you want more detailed information such as revenue, employees or a specific email address or phone number.

Check out a new service from Bizshark.

Simplicity of use and quick access are our top priorities for users,” said Bizshark’s managing director Daniel Banks. “We’re focused on helping the
person who is looking for the right contact and wants to get in touch quickly. We are confident our product will make it easy for business
professionals of all levels to spend less time researching and more time making deals.

According to their press release, the database of roughly 40 million business contacts and more than 14 million company listings is searchable by individual and company name as well as by email address. Bizshark’s easy-to-read contact profiles include title, department, phone number, and email information. Additional features include company revenue estimates and built-in company directories by department and geographical location.

You can try out  a limited free version or pay $29 – $90 a month for various levels of access.

Bizshark competes with Data.com (by Salesforce), Hooevers and other similar business databases.


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