The World Of Lite Apps Continues: ClickExpress Launches – An App for Mobile Users

Small businesses and teams of individuals have had access to team management services for years – with 37 Signals suite of services being probably one of the most well known.

However, we’ve recently started covering more and more of these lite team management services. Thanks to the growth and low barrier of entry to create good browser based services and the even faster growth of mobile only apps for iOS (Apple) and Android devices – largely – there are even MORE apps on the market.

SageOne by Sage has recently come on the market and I now here their advertisements in the NY market. I’ve been using ASANA for some weeks, which is really only about task management, but it does work quite well for simple task management (and a bit more)

Just recently I saw the demo video for yet a new service – ClickExpress Lite. You can read more about it from their press release below.

It’s so hard to tell WHICH one service is best for your business. You’ll find that so many are good and yet not all will offer everything you want, so explore and try out a few for a few days and see which one works best for you.

ClickExpress Lite allows users to quickly build teams of up to 20 users and create, share and track tasks, work orders or simple to-do lists. Team
members can see the status of work items and locations of other team members. All collaboration can be done in real-time via the app, which
integrates with Facebook to provide a leaderboard of team performance.

“ClickExpress Lite is the perfect entry point for small companies, project teams or even large families to take advantage of mobile task management
tools from the industry leader in enterprise mobile workforce management,” said Udi Keidar, Vice President Cloud Services, ClickSoftware. “This is our way of contributing our workforce productivity knowledge and best practices to the community at large.”

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