Two Great Resources To Help Your Internet Marketing and Technology Needs

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Online marketing is often viewed as a major part of running a business and often involves retaining an expert or outside firm to handle the task. There is a new startup, however, that promises to help business owners better deal with the complexities of marketing through a unique process not seen in the industry.  AwareLabs helps business owners navigate the complex field of online marketing by breaking key objectives down to reachable tasks, which can be done at the leisure of the business owner. Although it is impossible to list all the topics covered by the program due to space constraints, overall many of the programs are built around the importance of proper search engine behavior, blogging and press releases, and handling advertising. Additionally, for startups there is a chapter on how to pitch for capital.

By breaking down common tasks into five minute tasks,  busy professionals are able to greatly advance their knowledge of internet marketing before they splurge on hiring a marketing professional. Even if a business owner has no interest in managing their marketing matters, AwareLabs is still vital reading because it provides busy professionals with the tools and knowledge to spot marketing persons who might not be legitimate or using valid industry tactics.

AwareLabs is offered in two different packages, neither of which is a subscription. Rather than billing per month, users are able to purchase their packages for fairly low one-time payments. Despite being one-time payments, updates to the program are provided at no-additional charge ensuring that users are always educated on leading industry practices despite constant evolution. The Off Site Optimization package sells for $45 and covers social media, press releases, press relationships, and getting listed as an expert. The premium tier sells for $95 and provides a more in-depth view of marketing by covering all marketing topics from the Off Site Optimization package to getting setup on Google, affiliate programs, paid advertising, and other topics pertaining mainly to online marketing.

Overall, while the unique approach of breaking down marketing into small tasks is novel, the information is fairly limited and does not make the user a marketing expert overnight. Regardless, the program does a solid job of making a fairly daunting area easy to comprehend.

For users looking to expand their knowledge of technology further, Grovo provides users with free access to a wealth of instructional videos on various websites such as:  Google+, Skype, WordPress, Basecamp, and many more tools which business owners use to enhance their operations and productivity. Unlike AwareLabs, which focuses more on tactics that can be used to enhance your operations, Grovo is best for learning how to utilize the tools that can help streamline many business tasks while also greatly cutting overhead costs.  Additionally, Grovo is an excellent reference for users to learn about different tools before purchasing or subscribing – meaning it can be of value when purchasing technology and learning it.

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    I agree you need to hire a professional to run your internet marketing and web presence most small businesses need to worry about the day to day operations and customer service and let the pros make the phone ring.

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