US Postal Service Changes Are Coming. Get Smart, Embrace Them and Innovate.

You know that postal rates are changing and postal service is changing – no Saturday delivery. If you use the US Postal Service as an integral part of your billing – be it mailing invoices, marketing or something else you need to educate yourself about these changes and get smart.

Justin Amendola, VP of Global SMB Digital Strategy at Pitney Bowes says that there are three things you need to keep in mind:

1) Low cost shipping solutions are being eliminated

2) Retail shipping rates going up an average of 5-10%

3) Intelligent Mail Barcode – contains the DNA of every parcel that anyone mails. It gives the small-business owner and customer more visibility into where a shipment or piece of mail is at any given time.

Why should small businesses like us care?

If you business does a lot of shipping, especially packages less than 1lb, they will be looking at cost increases that can negatively impact their bottom lines. With the current economic climate, business are looking to save and have smarter spending habits. You wouldn’t typically think of mailing or shipping but it’s a simple way for owners to cut costs on the back end and put more money into running their business.

Get educated – here’s a resource from Pitney Bowes to start.

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