Why You Absolutely Need A Mobile Landing Page

When selling your products, it’s important to make sure that customers are directed to a means to purchase them. On a 1920×1080 resolution (a large screen), this is very easy to do. Everything that’s important can just appear “above the fold.” In other words, you can put your calls to action where the prospect actually sees them without scrolling down.

On a phone, or other mobile device, the story is quite different. Smartphone screens measure anywhere from 3 to 5 inches, with certain exceptions. This can really defeat the purpose of your website unless you create a mobile-friendly environment. But you’re still missing the psychological dilemma. On most mobile pages, your visitors still have to scroll around to view everything, allowing them to easily be distracted by other material you may have. In a big-screen environment, this doesn’t present any trouble. But when the screen size is limited, it’s difficult to get your message across because your visitors will mostly focus on certain areas of the site. Since they generally have the tendency to view one small piece of your site at a time, it’s imperative to have a mobile landing page.

Sujay Maheshwari, CEO and co-founder of Mobinable, explains the reason why you would need a landing page more clearly: “Mobile landing pages present a particular call to action; they focus on a particular ‘goal’ and don’t allow the user to be distracted. They understand the mobile form factor, limitations, and the fact that the user might not be engaged for a very long time.” He adds that mobile landing pages “get the work done ASAP.” This means that your visitors will be directed towards more actionable pages rather than huge blocks of text.

With a mobile landing page, you end up with a more actionable web interface that gives visitors quick incentives to make purchases and informs them of the best offers you have. It’s a win-win, literally, since you also benefit by racking in a higher amount of conversions. Instead of testing the patience of your customers, you give them what they want quickly without any fuss.

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