Your Brand Cannot Deliver Customer Service. Only Your Employees Can. US Airways Case Study

Ramon Ray on USAirways flight

Ramon Ray on USAirways flight

I’m on flight 973 from Charlotte to Atlanta to attend Brent Leary’s Social Business Atlanta.

The passenger  in the seat next to me forget her sunglasses in the airport gate waiting area. She tells the flight attendant and here is what happens in the span of about 10 minutes as the plan is taxiing on the runway.

  • He (the flight attendant) finds out where the passenger left the glasses.
  • He calls the captain on the plane intercom to ask the captain to speak with the gate agent to find the glasses.
  • The gate agent finds the glasses and radios back to the captain.
  • The flight attendant gets the passengers information and tells the gate agent.
  • He then tells the passenger that someone will be in touch with her.

This was not a “brand” that did this. US Airways has an employee who cares about his customers and knows their value.

If every company did this – every company would have legendary Zappos and like customer service.

Before I got on the flight I was waitlisted for the flight. I did get a seat and as I approached the gate agent to scan my boarding pass her colleague gave me an even better seat.

This is a perfect example of how companies must strive to serve their customers and exceed their expectations.

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2 thoughts on “Your Brand Cannot Deliver Customer Service. Only Your Employees Can. US Airways Case Study

  1. Dave Thackeray

    Fantastic. It’s that human touch thing again. Do as you would be done by. Irrespective of the advances in technology, it all boils down to empathy in getting and keeping profitable customers. Great job, Ray!


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