Archive of March 2013

Video Is Now Essential In Marketing. Check Out This One Stop Shop For Business Video Production

Does your business need a video? An ad, a profile, an explainer? SoMedia Networks wants to be your first and last call to get the job done. This Vancouver startup says they can cut video production costs by 50 per cent with their services and they’ve partnered with 3,400 videographers across North America in order […]

Four Key Tips To Follow When Designing A Website To Ensure It’s Tablet Worthy

It’s happened plenty of times before: you’re out and about, and need to access a website. You pull out your tablet, load up the URL and it’s just not right. Maybe the page is formatted terribly. Maybe it’s just a mobile view that doesn’t cut it compared to the computer experience. Regardless, in a rapidly evolving technological […]

Soap Warehouse Finds New Ways To Use Social Media To Get Sales: Video Interview with Linda Chambers at Social Biz Atlanta

Ramon Ray, editor of Smallbiztechnology and Technology Guru, had a chance to speak with Linda Chambers, Brand and Sales Manager of Soap Warehouse at Social Biz Atlanta. Soap Warehouse is an industrial soap company serving many different industries.  Linda has found interesting ways to use their social media channels, specifically Pinterest, to engage with their […]

Daymond John’s Social Media Guru (Cliff Worley): 6 Social Media Tips For Your Business To Succeed Online!

On the occasion of Infusionsoft’s 2,000 attendee InfusionCon 2013 Daymond John’s social media guru, Cliff Worley, shares his insight how small business owners can succeed online. His advice includes: Use contests and give aways through social media As you grow have a team assist with your social media engagement You must participate in the conversation Give […]

Ninchat Removes Limits From Team Collaboration: Video Interview with Jari Jaanto at SXSW 2013

Ramon Ray, editor of Smallbiztechnology and Technology Guru, caught up with Jari Jaanto of Ninchat at SXSW 2013. Ninchat, based out of Finland, is a team communication tool for organizations. It’s a channel based cloud software that allows teams to better collaborate with features like group chat, that has no limitations to members. Watch the full […]