3 Reasons Mobile Credit Card Processing Is A Must for Small Businesses

Last week I was in Atlanta at Brent Leary’s Social Biz Atlanta I was mobbed (well in my dreams) by people wanting to buy The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing. Thankfully I had a mobile credit card reader with me and was able to swipe cards and manually enter cards from my phone – not losing a sale.

Fabian Saide  a partner and Commercial Director of Red Efectiva , a fast-growing transaction processing company based in Monterrey, Mexico,

Here’s three reasons he feels every business should consider mobile credit card processing:

  • Additional sales. Mobile credit card payments can be accepted anywhere at any time. This is exceptionally beneficial for businesses that are out in the field and traveling to trade shows, craft fairs, sporting events and more.
  • Convenience. Most people have their mobile phones with them 24/7. Consumers and businesses can use applications to accept and make credit card payments as long as they have their phones.
  • No Capital Costs. Businesses do not need to invest in expensive technology equipment for mobile credit card transactions. All they need isa tiny credit card reader that attaches to a compatible mobile device.

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